Icon_Customor_Centricity 1 Customer Centricity

  • Do you have the sense that you do not really know your customer yet?
  • Do you want to fully understand your customers and make your strategy revolve around them?
  • Do you want to understand the customer journey of your customers and learn how you can optimise it in order to create the best possible customer experience?


As a business you want to offer the best-possible omni-channel customer experience. This requires a deep and consistent customer-centric focus at every level of the organisation. How well do you really know your customers and to what degree does your business revolve around them?

To put your customers at the heart of your business, it is important that they be brought to life within the organisation. Persona development is the ideal tool to do that. Once we have analysed existing customer data and (social) media monitoring information, and completed a customer survey and/or a workshop with your team, we will condense the resulting detailed description of your ideal customer into one or more buyer personas or customer profiles. This is how we will obtain deep insight into your customers (who are they; what are their needs; what problems or frustrations are they experiencing; and are they looking for help?) and understand their environment (what do their lives look like; what situation are they in; how do they behave as consumers?). In other words, your target audience will become a living, breathing thing. These customer personas will not only help you make well-founded decisions when it comes to your business and marketing strategy; they will also guide the day-to-day tasks of the different divisions of your organisation, for instance, your marketing, sales or customer care team.

Once we know your customers, what is on their minds and the problem they want to see resolved, we can outline the customer trajectory of your target audiences by using customer journey mapping. We will identify the needs, the touchpoints and the moments of truth of your target audience for every phase of the customer journey (reach – act – convert – engage). By mapping out the customer journey of your customers, you will obtain concrete departure points to optimise the customer experience. The result will be value creation for your customers at every stage of their journey, allowing you to create a seamless omni-channel customer experience.