A new proposition for BD Media

The concept development & business case of the myShopi Great Deals

Context and question

BD Media (formerly BD myShopi and today part of BD Group, which also includes BD Logistics and has a turnover of 85 million euros on group level) is the Belgian market leader as an omnichannel activation platform with more than 50 years of experience in logistics and on- and offline consumer activation. To strengthen its positioning as a preferred omnichannel partner of both retailers and shoppers, the myShopi app was acquired in 2014. An app that grew into the No. 1 promo & shopping platform in Belgium with 2 million downloads. In 2019, BD Media and investment company NPM Capital asked Callebaut Collective for support in further developing the myShopi proposition and monetizing the website and app. This while taking into account the rapidly changing (retail and logistics) landscape in which the logistics niche player finds itself.


Via a questionnaire, interviews were conducted with various key figures within BD myShopi, to capture internal knowledge about the business challenges and individual perspectives. Additional desk research on the various trends and evolutions in the market provided a comprehensive view on the context of the business challenge. An online survey was used to learn more about the myShopi app user and their motivations for deal shopping.

During several workshops, a common ambition and strategic framework was formulated for myShopi. One of the strategic priorities concerns a brand new deal concept where the myShopi community gets access to unique, discounted theme boxes consisting of A-brands. Working closely with the myShopi project team, Callebaut Collective shaped the new concept and defined the positioning. The operational segment was worked out after an extensive competitive analysis, supplemented with (international) best practices and insights from similar business models obtained through desk research and expert interviews. The potential of the different “myShopi Great Deals” formulas was tested through qualitative B2B customer interviews (FMCG & food brands) and several quantitative business case scenarios. Under the guidance of Callebaut Collective, an MVP (minimum viable product) was launched as a pilot, monitored and optimized for further roll-out.


With the integration of the myShopi Great Deals, BD Media & myShopi have a holistic and more complete market proposition for its target groups with which it has strengthened its position as market leader. As a central hub for consumers, retailers and brands, it manages to create synergies across business units (omnichannel activation and logistics).

In Augustus 2022, the management of BD Group, took ownership of the company after a successful turnover.

"We look back with satisfaction on the exciting journey we have had with Callebaut Collective. We are very proud of the expansion of the myShopi offering that is relevant to both our customers and consumers. Callebaut Collective helped us think out-of-the (great deals) box with an attention to our customers and the myShopi users.”
Raf Lambrix

People involved

Karel Demeester (kernteam)
Karel Demeester
Jonathan Verheire (kernteam)
Jonathan Verheire