We help our clients strategically reorient their business by applying our six areas of expertise. From business strategy to positioning, customer centricity to go-to-market, and organisation to strategic communication. And this across various industries.

Take a look at some of our work below.

From B2B product developer to customer oriented partner
After mapping the needs of the different stakeholders, we outlined a roadmap to make Innotec’s success formula future-proof and ready for sustainable growth.
How Imroder goes for maximum customer satisfaction by focusing on long-term relationships
Together with the Imroder team, we shaped Imroder’s long-term ambition and provided a renewed, relevant positioning and tailored go-to-market with which the property developer can confidently face the future.
How Agristo strengthens its employer branding in an 'Act Human' way
Agristo connects & engages its 'Potatoholics' and activates potential employees using archetype and customer journey mapping.
From hidden gem to a trusted, professional classic car reference
A (marking)strategic action plan that enables Marreyt to accelerate growth without compromising on authenticity, expertise and credibility
The concept development & business case of the myShopi Great Deals
How the number one omnichannel activation platform in Belgium reorients itself within a rapidly changing landscape.
Valckenier’s transformation
Valckenier, based in Aalst, managed to grow its business as a mobility provider thanks to the mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) principle.
The facility intelligence approach of Spacewell
Over the last few years, facility intelligence company Spacewell has developed from a local underdog into a visionary leader for Integrated Workplace Management Systems.
How Sylphar became a strong international omnichannel player
After visualizing and optimizing the customer journey, Sylphar could develop its omnichannel strategical growth path and strengthen its in-house marketing skills.