Collectively embracing chaos

Callebaut Collective helps businesses that are facing change to choose among the many possibilities and challenges so as to arrive at a strategic business reorientation. Our approach is characterised by an explicit view of marketing as a strategic driver.

Collectively embracing chaos on the path to business reorientation. With an expansive, human-oriented marketing approach that builds long-term relationships.

We are proponents of a deeply people-focused marketing approach that takes the real person behind the customer, employee, society as its starting point. Indeed, as Jan Callebaut, after whom our organization is named and whose philosophy still unites the Callebaut collective today, always phrased it : “a brand is a metaphor for a relationship”.

This is what transforms us from marketers into Human Activators. We are convinced that deeper insight into the human psychology and into society allows organisations to increase their relevance and to accelerate their future growth. It is essential that a company’s solutions be in line with the relational story and that it nourish, support and amplify it. This is why successful organisations invest in long-term relationships. It is crucially important for organisations to obtain insight into the deeper needs of people (Human Drivers) and to respond with corresponding solutions. Marketing in other words means invoking and further developing existing interpersonal relationships. Marketing means activating people by appealing to their human drivers. Marketing means to “act human”.

Jan Callebaut:
Karel Demeester (kernteam)
Specialised in

B2C & B2B Omni-channel strategy & coaching| Digital Sales & Marketing | Digital auditing | E-commerce | Customer Journey Mapping | New Business Development | Go-to-market strategy | Joint Business Planning

Karel Demeester
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Sarah Steenhaut (kernteam)
Specialised in

Strategy development in a rapidly changing world, underpinned by thorough analysis | Brand and concept development | Go-to-market strategy | Digital integration

Sarah Steenhaut, Ph.D.
Audrey Brach (kernteam)
Specialised in

Marketing strategy | Integrated marketing communication | Content creation | Copywriting | Social media | Project management

Audrey Brach
Marketing Expert
Jonathan Verheire (kernteam)
Specialised in

Quantitative analysis | Qualitative analysis | Digital marketing | Marketing strategy

Jonathan Verheire
Growth Analyst
CC Website profielfoto's collective_met streepje
Specialised in

Strategy development | Process optimization | Change management | Non-profit | Social profit

Lies Bracke
Sr. Strategy Expert, Non-Profit
Matthias Bogaert
Specialised in

Marketing strategy | Business data insights | Digital strategy | Business development | Online marketing | Technical marketing set-ups

Matthias Bogaert
Digital Marketing Expert
Steven Boelens (kernteam)
Specialised in

Brand building | Digital strategy | Business development | Online marketing | Development of business plans | Entrepreneurship

Steven Boelens
Entrepreneur in the digital space & Adviser to the CC partners
Peter Decuypere (affiliate)
Specialised in

event strategy | event marketing | holy trinity events Peter Decuypere

Peter Decuypere
Event expert
Alain Thys (affiliate)
Specialised in

customer experience | customer capabilities  Customerfit

Alain Thys
CX expert
Bernard Hensmans (affiliate)
Specialised in

talent acquisition | digital marketing & e-commerce profiles | change management profiles  Digital Devils

Bernard Hensmans
Talent expert
Digital Devils
Brecht Malfait (affiliate)
Specialised in

digital marketing | social media | e-commerce  Wax Interactive

Brecht Malfait
Digital Experience expert
Wax Interactive
Hans de Smedt (affiliate)
Specialised in

Specialised in brand activation | event organisation  Everpresent & Craftpack

Hans de Smedt
Event expert
Everpresent & Craftpack
Johan Van de Velde (affiliate)
Specialised in

Specialised in omni-channel communication | branding | copywriting | print communication Comith

Johan Van de Velde
Communication expert
Joris Roels (affiliate)
Specialised in

cultural transformation | organisational strategy | effective leadership  Unicorn Group

Joris Roels
Organisational culture expert
Unicorn Group
Madeleine Janssens (affiliate)
Specialised in

Specialised in neurodiagnostic market research| intercultural market research

Madeleine Janssens
Market research expert
Stefan Stremersch (affiliate)
Specialised in

ideation | innovation | customer centricity MTI2

Stefan Stremersch, Ph.D.
Innovation expert
Julie Vens-De Vos (affiliate)
Specialised in

innovation | inspiration | transformation  Nexxworks

Julie Vens-De Vos
Innovation expert
Karl Reremoser (affiliate)
Specialised in

business development | local, regional and federal government

Karl Reremoser
Business Development expert
Ludovic Beun (affiliate)
Specialised in

branding | storytelling | media & entertainment

Ludovic Beun
Art creative expert
Olivier van Duüren (affiliate)
Specialised in

innovation | business transformation | personal transformation  The Dualarity

Olivier Van Duüren
Digital transformation expert
The Dualarity
Tom de Bruyne (affiliate)
Specialised in

behavioural design thinking | training | research | sprints  SUE Amsterdam

Tom De Bruyne
Behavioral design expert
SUE Amsterdam
Tom Meere (affiliate)
Specialised in

qualitative market research | quantitative market research | innovative research methodologies  Why5 Research

Tom Meere
Market research expert
Why5 Research
Guy Wollaert (Human Activator)
Specialised in

growth strategy | innovation | sustainability

Guy Wollaert
Growth & Innovation expert
Liesbeth Weeghmans | affiliate
Specialised in

user experience | website development UX consult

Liesbeth Weeghmans
UX expert
UX consult
Krishan Maudgal | affiliate
Specialised in

the beer industry   Beer AgencyMaudgal Int.

Krishan Maudgal
Beer industry expert
Beer Agency & Maudgal Int.
Melanie Deblanc | affiliate
Specialised in

digital recruitment | gig economy | freelancers  GIGHOUSE

Melanie Deblanc
Talent Recruitment expert
Marc Vandelooverbosch
Specialised in

media | journalism

Marc Vandelooverbosch
Communication expert
Alexander Schmitt | affiliate
Specialised in

SEO | digital footprint | SEA | Social media advertising  Authority

Alexander Schmitt
Digital marketing expert
Dominique Tanaka | affiliate
Specialised in

online media | digital marketing | performance marketing  MediaNation

Dominique Tanaka
Media expert
Michael Humblet
Specialised in

sales | growth acceleration  Michael Humblet

Michael Humblet
Sales & Growth expert
Luc Desmedt
Specialised in


Luc Desmedt
Category Management expert
Michel Demoor | Callebaut Collective
Gespecialiseerd in


Michel Demoor
Data expert