Digitalization of the Innotec go-to-market

From B2B product developer to customer oriented partner

Context and question

Innotec is an international B2B developer and distributer of high-end chemical consumables in the car, construction and industry sector, located in Belgium. Since the start of their business in 1985, the company has known a strong organic growth. This growth is based on a traditional way of working that hasn’t changed in the past decennia: Innotec offers strong, qualitative products that are demonstrated from door to door, to clients and prospects. 35 years after its establishment, this success formula has ensured sales of the Innotec products and presence in over 20 countries, through direct sales as well as their exclusive distribution network.

In 2021, Gilde Equity Management and CEO Dimitry Jansen were welcomed in the company. The perfect time to challenge the rather traditional go-to-market and involve Callebaut Collective to provide support in this business challenge. A few questions needed an answer:

  • Which growth opportunities are present when the go-to-market is modernized and digitalized, without downgrading the service, persuasiveness and quality?
  • The war for talent and ever growing labor costs demand a higher productivity of the salesmen: how can digitalization be an enabler to increase this productivity?
  • How can Innotec optimally cooperate with the distributors and act as a central hub between the various distributors to create synergies across national markets and sectors?


With the help of a thorough desk analysis of the trends and dynamics within the industry, a holistic view was formed on the business and sector. This analysis was complemented with several internal interviews and a screening of business information & documentation. In addition, the interviews with the distributors shed a light on the current approach and opportunities within the future collaboration. A thorough data analysis of the customer base provided clarity in the various types of clients, which in turn was enriched with information gained from questionnaires filled in by the salesmen. This allowed us to define the different customer profiles. An extensive analysis of the digital assets – website, social media, ERP & CRM,… – provided insights into the current digital go-to-market, unveiled certain flaws and indicated where opportunities lie.

Consequently, a modernized and supported go-to-market was written out by the Innotec team during several workshops. After mapping the current (AS IS) and ideal (TO BE) customer journeys, the strategic priorities were determined and consolidated into a (digital) project map. This allowed us to modernize both the front end (website and other channels) as back end (ERP & CRM) and to continuously collect data-driven insights. The architecture of the digital backbone of Innotec was drawn out to further implement.

During frequent follow-up sessions, Callebaut Collective supports the management by offering advice on business strategy.


Innotec has managed to realize a true professionalization wave in only a short period of time, allowing them to attain their foreseen growth ambitions by holding on to a clear plan and roadmap through which the Innotec success formula is made up-to-date as well as made scalable by the means of digitalization.

Up until today, Callebaut Collective oversees the implementation of the (digital) go-to-market, in close collaboration with the Innotec team. Callebaut Collective supervises both the modernization of the digital backbone (ERP & CRM) as well as the front-end assets such as website and social media channel mix, with the purpose of lead generation. For the operational roll-out of these digital assets, Callebaut Collective relies on its trusted partners within the ecosystem.

To cap off the go-to-market, the current Innotec positioning is also being revised and modernized to make Innotec even more ready for the future.

"Over the past year, Innotec and Callebaut Collective have worked together on Innotec's customer journey and its translation into contemporary digitalization opportunities. For us, Callebaut Collective stood out from other consultants in a number of areas: genuine interest in understanding our business, strong strategic insight and personalized advice towards digitalization projects, sometimes complemented by tactical marketing skills. The consultants we worked with had their own successful business background which allowed them to empathize more quickly with an actual customer situation. Realistic proposals tailored to Innotec's needs were then the final outcome. We are still working together now, in further realization. We have no doubt they can turn this commitment into practice at other organizations as well."
Dimitry Jansen
CEO PCS Innotec