A breath of fresh air in property development

How Imroder goes for maximum customer satisfaction by focusing on long-term relationships

Context and question

Imroder originated 60 years ago, when the company took its first steps as a real estate subdivider. Over the years, with the entry of the third generation as well as the appointment of Isabelle Lemahieu as CEO in 2017, Imroder evolved into a property developer. In recent years, the family business has grown into an established name within East and West Flanders’ property development.

However, Imroder lacks a clear positioning and explicit go-to-market approach, which led them to knock on Callebaut Collective’s door. Throughout the project, it additionally became clear that there was a need for a common ambition and defined strategic framework to give the organization a focus within a constantly changing and increasingly complex environment. Just think of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing prices of raw material, decreasing purchasing power, a rapidly approaching concrete-halt, the demand for sustainability and its legislation, increasingly demanding customers… In this area our support was needed as well.


We gained first insights through an AS IS analysis of information obtained from an internal questionnaire, existing documentation and interviews with both management and sales representatives. We then enriched these insights with in-depth desk research on the various trends structurally affecting the residential market. To get a holistic view on the current go-to-market, we also conducted a digital audit and qualitative market research with customers, which gave us an external perspective and revealed pain points and opportunities.

With the AS IS analysis as foundation, we then shifted our focus to the future. Working closely with the core team, we formulated a common ambition that gives Imroder direction and guidance within the complex context in which the company finds itself. A unique feature of this ambition is how Imroder strives for 100% customer satisfaction, rather than maximizing revenue and profit – which by the way, completely fits within the Act Human philosophy. To clarify how Imroder will effectively realize this ambition, we worked out a strategic plan together.

Once the ambition was set, we clarified Imroder’s positioning and go-to-market during a number of follow-up workshops. Result: a focused, clear positioning as a “boutique” property developer committed to close, personal client relationships and integrated living environments. Throughout the process, we brought the typical Imroder customer to life in the form of a persona with well-founded motivational drivers. The elaboration of his customer journey then provided insight into what actions Imroder should take to give their customer an optimal experience – and thus satisfaction. We consolidated this all into a project roadmap so Imroder could purposefully get to work. During the rollout of this plan, we additionally supported the Imroder team.


The collaborative process provided a clear plan for Imroder for the future, whereafter we rolled out the strategic actions. We came up with a subtle yet necessary rebranding that conveys the renewed positioning. The channel mix, including the website and social media channels, will receive a thorough update. Although the Imroder team is currently still working hard toward its long-term ambition, today we can already see the results of their commitment to maximum customer satisfaction through their superb customer reviews.

“We immediately experienced a good fit with Callebaut Collective, who quickly proved to understand us well. Through a thoughtful and people-oriented approach, they succeeded in guiding our team and getting us on board. Our strategic plan provides a foothold to which we refer when making choices. Even after completing the plan, they continue to think proactively with us and always act in a solution-oriented way.”
Isabelle Lemahieu