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  • Would you like to enhance your team structure and culture, align the actions of your organisation with your business ambition, and make your organisation more flexible?
  • Do your employees require training to master specific new skills or to boost their effectiveness?
  • Do you require assistance with an internal change process?
  • Are you looking for the right external partner who can complement your team in the execution of a strategy?
  • Are you looking for a third party that can facilitate and perfect joint business collaborations with your business partners?


There can be no successful organisation without a team of motivated, informed and engaged employees. To achieve a successful business reorientation, the organisation as a whole must be included in the process from the get-go. Employees are the ambassadors of your company after all, and they are the ones who will put the new strategy into effect day after day.

You want your organisation to function at its best both from an internal and external perspective. You want to be able to completely rely on your employees when it comes to their mindset and skills, but also have the right external partners on board to offer your customers the most relevant solution possible.

You can enlist the help of the Callebaut Collective Academy to support your organisation at the mindset, skill set and toolset level. Through in-company trainings tailored specifically to the needs of your team and given by experts drawn from our ecosystem, as well as individual coaching and networking activities, we will work on the internal team culture of your business and assist with the capability training of your management team and/or employees. This will result in a more flexible, more efficient internal organisation that brings the strategy to life.

We can also help you innovate. To do this, we apply an ecosystem approach: we no longer think and act within the boundaries of the organisation, but instead exchange knowledge with external partners so the end customer receives the best possible service. This creates interesting opportunities for both parties. We can help you develop your own ecosystem (ecosystem building). We will help you find the right external partner who can enhance your team, whether in the short or longer term. This could for instance be a business partner who handles the implementation of the strategy or the rollout of a particular project; or, it could mean that an external advisor joins your executive board. We can also act as a facilitator or sparring partner and assist with the joint business planning process so that you and your business partners derive the maximum benefit from the collaboration.