You want to develop an impactful business strategy that will put your company on the map in the years to come. Together we will identify your ambitions, break down the larger context and trends at play, weigh the different dilemmas and scenarios against each other and develop a future-proof strategy that will underpin the growth of your organisation.
A brand is a metaphor for a relationship. With a well-considered value proposition, and clever brand and concept development, you can respond to the needs of your customers and set yourself apart from your market competitors
How well do you really know your customers? By using personas to bring your customers to life and by mapping out their customer journey, you will better understand how to create the best-possible omni-channel customer experience.
Successfully marketing a product, service or brand requires an effective go-to-market strategy. Together, we will determine the best possible enablers and enabler approaches to reach potential customers and to promote your business or brand to the greatest degree possible, expanding both your internal and external contribution.
An optimally functioning organisation is one of the keys to success. It is crucial that you have the right people in the right position and that you continuously engage and motivate workers. Another pillar of your strategy, on the other hand, might be the creation and optimisation of external partnerships so as to achieve a powerful ecosystem.
As a partner of investors, we help you evaluate and strengthen the key strategic and commercial characteristics of your target, from pre-investment to post-acquisition.
Why us? Why us?

We step into your thought process

We always go on a collaborative journey with our clients. Our starting point is what is already on the table, allowing us to step into your thought process and to complement your knowledge and experience. We are committed to joining forces with you and we are your partner in the reorientation process – together we know more; together we can achieve more. Or, to put it differently – let’s collectively embrace chaos.

We believe that a reorientation trajectory should always start with a deep dive into your organisation. Using a comprehensive ‘as is’ analysis, we will map out your company, the sector in which you are active, your customers, and the relevant marketing and communication enablers. We will contrast your inside-out vision with the outside-in perspective so as to identify the existing gaps: what are the biggest stumbling blocks; what are the key success factors on which your organisation can build in the future?


Reorientation underpinned by motivational thinking, well-considered tools and methodologies

To shape the reorientation process together with you, we will use fundamental motivational insights as our departure point. We are strong believers in the power of a marketing approach that takes into account the human and social angle (“Act Human”) alongside the business strategic and sales angle. We also apply various well-thought-out tools and methodologies that have previously demonstrated their success. We work from a service logic perspective and use tools such as OGSM (a single-page business plan), design thinking and joint business planning, so we can develop a solution that is tailored to your customers together with you. We also determine the role of digital as an enabler as part of your strategy.