Marreyt’s quantum leap

From hidden gem to a trusted, professional classic car reference

Context and question

Marreyt is an established, unique classic car partner and qualitative reference within the international classic car industry. Marreyt, however, is a hidden gem and only known to the experienced classic car enthusiasts. Enthusiasts that very often already had bad experiences with other classic car dealers to eventually find their way to Marreyt. The classic car industry, on the other hand, is experiencing increasing pressure. Changing mobility needs, ecological and sociological changes create complexity and uncertainty.

In the beginning of 2020, entrepreneur and classic car enthusiast Koen Matthijs supported by private equity partner PE Group, joins Marreyt’s team. The ideal moment for Marreyt to question its role as a classic car provider: how could they continue to be relevant in this changing world? How could the hidden gem professionalize and enroll internationally without losing its personal approach or jeopardizing credibility and expertise? How can Marreyt reinvent itself in a traditional industry and what strategic business reorientation is needed to realize this? And which role do digital channels specifically play herein? After 30 years of experience in the fascinating classic car industry, Marreyt is ready for the next step, the so-called “quantum leap”. Following previous positive experiences of serial entrepreneur Koen Matthijs, Callebaut Collective was asked to take on this exciting challenge together.


Together with the Marreyt team, we gathered and mapped the internal ambitions and the various business dilemmas. A thorough desk analysis of this very specific, classic car market followed and was enriched and focused via one-on-one interviews with classic car experts, market experts, journalists and enthusiast. This was done to define an accurate, holistic market vision and detect the drivers and needs of classic car customers. Additionally, the global competitive landscape was mapped.

Based on this dual inside-out and outside-in analysis, we worked with the Marreyt team to develop a clear, relevant positioning and strategy for the future. Goals were defined, priorities were established, brand archetypes and architectures were designed. In addition, the customer journeys were mapped for the identified classic car owner types. All of this resulted in a concrete, founded and futureproof (marketing)strategic action plan that allows Marreyt to put its quantum leap into practice: growth without compromising on authenticity, expertise and credibility and remain the most trusted classic car partner in the industry.

Once the strategic framework was drafted, we supported Marreyt to enrol the strategy. During the implementation, we acted as a sparring partner and supported with the roll-out of the strategy.

Marreyts kwantumsprong


Marreyt grew from a traditional classic car dealer to a well-known, trusted and professional classic car reference in a short period. Due to the strategical reorientation, Marreyt shift into a new elan and today the classic car specialist is experiencing accelerated growth.

In the summer of 2020, Marreyt opened the doors of its state-of-the-art classic car experience room in Knokke. Not only is Marreyt an offline reference, the company also strengthened its online presence through a new website that narrates the rich history of Marreyt but also each unique story behind the precious cars you can find at Marreyt, with an the Marreyt Club where members gain exclusive access. Through its social media channels, in- and outsiders get a glimpse of the wonderful classic car world.

Marreyt managed to break the codes of and old-fashioned industry without losing credibility and continued its passion for classic cars in a futureproof manner. In a nutshell: more than ever, Marreyt stands for a strong, authentic brand and is thé reference in the intriguing international classic car industry.

“I’m astonished how Callebaut Collective managed to map and understand the market so thoroughly on such a short time. I’m confident we can professionalize our business while preserving our heritage and passion for the industry with this plan. If I had known before everything you told me, I would’ve had an enormous advantage.”
Bernard Marreyt
“It’s not the first time I work with Callebaut Collective and definitely not the last time either. With the strategy we’ve defined, we have an actionable framework to realize our quantum leap.”
Koen Matthijs
CEO and co-owner