We help our clients strategically reorient their business by applying our six areas of expertise. From business strategy to positioning, customer centricity to go-to-market, and organisation to strategic communication. And this across various industries.

Take a look at some of our work below.

The facility intelligence approach of Spacewell
Over the last few years, facility intelligence company Spacewell has developed from a local underdog into a visionary leader for Integrated Workplace Management Systems.
Disentangling the Oosterweel project
After years of resistance, progress is made in the Oosterweel link project thanks a strategic communication approach that builds the needed support.
How ‘SuperStormen’ launched a public and political debate
The ‘SuperStormen’ project put a spotlight on two issues impacting the Belgian coast – increasing sand erosion and rising sea levels.
How Sylphar became a strong international omnichannel player
After visualizing and optimizing the customer journey, Sylphar could develop its omnichannel strategical growth path and strengthen its in-house marketing skills.