From a one-way relationship to an omnichannel customer journey

How Sylphar became a strong international omnichannel player

Context and question

Sylphar is a fastgrowing international company that is active within the ‘consumer healthcare & cosmetics’market, with its main product ‘instant corrective skincare’. Their investors, independent private equity player Vendis Capital, introduced them to Callebaut Collective with the question how to strengthen the relationship with their customers. Up until then they mainly had a one-way relationship with their customers consisting of traditional push communication and only focused on the touchpoints during the first purchase. 



The first step was visualizing the customer journey of Sylphar’s customers. By means of thorough customer journey mapping exercise we captured the customer journey, including the top and flop moments. Here it became clear that several customers dropped out after the first purchase, because they did not understand how to properly use the product. The result: negative product experiences and bad online reviews, which in turn slowed down the online orientation and sales. Because Sylphar did not listen to the customers after their purchase, the customer journey ended with a negative experience.

Once we had a clear understanding of the customer journey, we could optimize the customer’s experience. In cooperation with the Sylphar team we removed the pain points in the journey, we introduced new relevant channels and developed clearly described customer profiles or personas which until this day are used for all communication.  

It proved to be a real eye opener for Sylphar to stand in the shoes of the customer during the exerciseThis however had not only provided new opportunities, it also required new competences. To accelerate this learning processwe searched for suitable, disruptive players who had the necessary knowledge. Six months later, a successful acquisition of a British player took place under our supervision which in the meantime has become one of the drivers of growth for Sylphar.




SYLPHAR_Customer Journey Visual


Today Sylphar is a strong international omnichannel player thanks to her customer insights and digital reinforcement. Due to the successful acquisition and the set-up and organisation of the internal (digital) marketing capabilities, Sylphar reassured its doubledigit growth. In 2021, Sylphar was sold for €290 million to Swedish sector peer Kara Pharma for which it also received a BVA award in the buy-out category.

“Our collaboration with Callebaut Collective has brought us quite far and gave us multiple valuable insights. We not only visualized the customer journey of our clients and in turn optimized this, we also developed our omnichannel strategical growth plan with clear choices, strengthened our in-house marketing skills and realized a crucial acquisition together. Karel taught us how to stand in the shoes of our customer which opened our eyes and reinforced our international growth.”  
Robin List
CEO Sylphar

People involved

Karel Demeester (kernteam)
Karel Demeester
Jonathan Verheire (kernteam)
Jonathan Verheire