SPOTLIGHT ON CORONA | #4 What can we learn from post-corona in China

After emerging in March of 2020, the coronavirus dominated our country, our society and our economy for months on end. Suddenly, our daily lives are governed by the social distancing measures the government has been forced to impose, measures that have a significant economic impact. Companies have to temporarily close their doors, workers have to temporarily be furloughed, and financial projections for 2020 – and beyond – have to be sharply adjusted everywhere. We are living through an unprecedented crisis, one that will function as a turning point in our society.   

With our ‘Spotlight on corona’ blog series, Callebaut Collective takes a closer look at a number of business strategy approaches during times of crisis. How should companies strategically respond to the corona crisis and periods of lockdown? What role do interpersonal relationships play in the context of corona? How can companies prepare for the new business context once the economy reopens? What impact is corona having on Belgium’s position in particular industries globally? Because one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same again.


Callebaut Collective received deep insight into the Chinese approach to the corona crisis in an interview with Chris Van Puyvelde, technical director at the Chinese football federation (CFA). Watch the video below.


  • China developed from a digital-copy country into a head-start country at an incredible speed. How have you experienced this digitisation as a citizen and as a businessman living in China? | 0:13
  • How does China handle post-COVID-19 contact tracing as an important element in its exit strategy? | 7:02
  • Do our Belgian top athletes have the potential to become influencers, even in China? | 9:01
  • Do you see similarities between Belgian and Chinese football stars? | 10:34
  • How have you experienced Chinese culture? Do you motivate Chinese people in a different way than Europeans? | 12:31

Can Callebaut assist with the strategic planning process of your business, or reflect on your industry and larger developments together with you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Not a single company or industry will be able to rely on a ready-made answer as to what the future will bring. But let this crisis serve as an opportunity to proactively reflect on this question and to strengthen your relationship with your customers in doing so. So that we can be ready for post-corona.