Icon_Strategische_communicatie 1 Strategic communication

  • Are you looking for a strategic consulting partner for projects that touch on sensitive or delicate issues?
  • Are you in need of strategic communication that can persuade various stakeholder groups?
  • Are you looking for a long-term, external strategic partner who has experience with communication advice on sensitive subjects and crisis communication recommendations?


A well-thought-out strategic communication approach makes all the difference when it comes to projects that touch on sensitive social issues or a delicate context where knowledge and insight into the target audience is essential. Powerful strategic communication builds support among the different groups of stakeholders and gets everyone on the same page

The subjective context of the stakeholder determines the willingness of the different target audiences. Through an in-depth framing exercise, we put ourselves in the position of the target audience so as to understand their views on the topic and to position ourselves accordingly. Together we will develop an offer and communication approach that dovetails with the context and language use of the target audience. This will enhance our persuasive power and allow us to respond to the varying expectations of the stakeholders through meticulous stakeholder management.

Sensitive social issues often go hand in glove with risky communication. Our experts’ outside perspective and years of experience allow us to also assist you with your crisis communication needs.